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On Thursday, March 26th, Kent County released a statement outlining their decision to temporarily close the Kent County Recycling Center to limit staff and workers exposure to COVID-19, effective March 27th at 5:00pm.

Although some of Allegan County’s recycling is sorted at the Kent County Material Recovery Facility (MRF), our recyclables are also processed at Westshore Recycling and Transfer Station in Holland and Himco Waste-Away Services Inc. located in Elkhart, Indiana.

Please note that only recyclable material inside covered recycling carts will be picked up. Any material left outside recycling carts, including bags, will not be picked up. This is to ensure the health and safety of drivers by reducing direct contact with material as much as possible.

Any recycling cart found to contain trash or otherwise be determined as contaminated will not be picked up. A single contaminated recycling cart can cause an entire truckload of recycling to become contaminated and result in the load being unfit for recycling. Residents will be responsible for properly disposing of any materials left outside covered recycling carts or recycling carts not picked up due to contamination. Recycling carts found to be contaminated should be transferred to a resident’s normal trash cart.

The Allegan County Resource Recovery Program’s Regional Recycling Depot Site operated by Republic Services and located at 3310 M-40, Allegan, MI will be closed until Executive Order 2020-21 expires or the Governor issues an executive order that replaces Executive Order 2020-21. Broken Arrow Recycling located at 1100 Lincoln Road, Allegan, MI will also remain closed until April 13th. Illegal dumping at these sites will not be permitted. Residents shall not utilize these sites while closed.

Resident’s whose recycling is collected by Arrowaste can contact their hauler directly with questions, 616-748-1955.

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 Information on Salem Township Transfer Station