Dorr Township

4196-18th Street, Dorr Michigan, 49323
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The Township of Dorr was established in 1847, with Frank Neuman being the first settler on the site of what was to become the village of Dorr. He built the first framed house in 1857. After the first railroad was laid in 1869, Neuman traveled to the county seat of Allegan, surveyed and laid out the original village plat of Dorr. The name of Dorr was selected at the suggestion of a settler from Rhode Island. He proposed the township be named after the principal in Dorr's (Rhode Island) Rebellion.

By the year 1880, Dorr had a population of 200. The village has never been incorporated and continues to be governed by an elected township board.
The prosperity of the town has fluctuated through the years. In its "boom-town" days, Dorr boasted of many businesses and industries. The villagers were very proud of their two hotels, "The National Hotel" and the "Birney House" which was across the street near the location of the present Dorr Industries. The first grocery store was opened by Joseph Neuman and it's believed to have been located in the Frary house directly across the street from the former library and town hall. A general store owned by John DeJonge and George Clouse was once located at the present site of AJ's Bar and Grill.
General Information

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Household Batteries
Due to the way batteries are now manufactured, we no longer collect them.
They may now be thrown in the regular trash or 
 you can take them to the Salem Township Transfer Station.

Resource Recovery Cards - are now available

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Employment Opportunities
None at this time.

Veteran’s Memorial Bricks

To purchase a brick for the Veteran’s Memorial coming spring/summer of 2016, please fill-out the attached form and return to the Dorr Township office with the appropriate payment. Click here for form.

Dorr Township Ordinance Regulating Solicitation
All solicitors must stop at the Township office to register before going house to house. If they had pre-registered they will have a pictured badge that should be visible. If they don't have a badge that the Township has issued to them, please refer them to the Township office.

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Attention, Bridge Card Holders:
Double Up Food Bucks at Area Farmers’ Markets

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Upcoming Events

EMERGENCY ABSENTEE BALLOTS - Will be available for pick up on Saturday, April 29th, from 10am to 2pm. Please bring your identification. this is for Precinct 2 and 3 only, this is a Wayland School Election on May 2nd.

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Dorr Garage Sales are May 17th and 18th

Smoke detectors save lives so please test monthly and change batteries in spring and fall.

FREE smoke detectors available through Fire Dept. Contact township office to schedule.

Dorr 4th of July Parade Information
For a schedule of events go to

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